24 January, 2008

Does size really matter?

Sex can be a bit clunky when there’s a major height difference between lovers. But take it from sex experts and porn stars – with a little creativity and experimentation, giants and shrimps can happily hump without anybody getting short-changed.
6-foot, 5-inch porn actor Christian has been with women ranging from 3-feet to 6-foot 9, and says that while missionary is more difficult with a tiny woman, the cowgirl position can be quite a romp.

Take the case of Jeff, a 33-year-old professor in Baltimore who stands 6-foot-8 in his stocking feet. His college girlfriend was 19 inches shorter, which forced them to strategize their positioning. Luckily, furniture came to the rescue and they were able to reach maximum pleasure when he bent her over the couch.

Still, Jeff – who is now married to a woman who is 5-foot-8 – admits size can be a challenge when one partner’s frame dwarfs the other’s.

“Perhaps the biggest positional mismatch is doggystyle with a short girl,” Jeff said. “The length from my knees to cock is pretty long as a very tall guy. So when my 5-foot 1-inch girlfriend was on her hands and knees, her pussy and my cock didn’t really line up, at least not without me sort of bending down unnaturally.”

Jeff says he’s had to furniture fuck several short women using couches and tables because it’s easier access for him when “their feet are off the floor and their asses in the air.”

Even porn stars – with all their bedroom tricks and tactics – experience a few roadblocks when height gets in the way.

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