03 January, 2008

Pregnant Women Have the Best Sex, Better Orgasms

Few think “orgasmic” when they look at a pregnant woman in all her budding — or bulging — belly beauty. Yet pregnancy is amongst the most sensual, sexual times in a woman’s life. Unbeknownst to most of us, pregnant women often top the list of the lustfully libidinous, with many expectant mums expressing increased sexual appetite and fervor, much to their partner’s delight or bewilderment, with every ripening day.

Consider, after all, what’s going on with the hot mama’s changing form. First, the hormones of her time with child are blessing her with better skin and hair, making her feel more gorgeous than ever.

While some women, especially the toilet-bound, feel anything but sexy during their pregnancy, many are literally glowing from their expectancy, and love their bodacious body as never before.

Second, whether it’s her first or second trimester, some women experience increased sexual urges, at levels exceeding pre-pregnancy. During the second trimester in particular, many feel hot to trot for reasons far beyond their control. The vulva seems to have a mind of its own. Mother Nature is revving up a pregnant woman’s sex drive with increased vaginal lubrication, larger breasts, and increased vasocongestion (the flow of blood to the genitals) for heightened vulval sensitivity and a swollen, often to the point of aching, clitoris. A woman is literally a hot mama passion playground for her — and her partner — to enjoy. Read more>>

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WanKing said...

My Gf wanted sex more often when she was pregnant and she was alot more adventurous too :)

We first did anal when she was pregnant and she loved it...she also started giving me footjobs which i loved ofcourse.

I wish she was pregnant more often lol