03 January, 2008

Catalina loves (Polyamorous) Fantasies

I drove to his house this time, knowing exactly how to get there. Losing myself in pleasing him is just what I needed. I walked up, this time alone, to the door and knocked. He answered the door, and I smiled and walked through. I went through my ritual with his roommate and we went to his room.

I felt myself relax as soon as I sat down on his bed, being so far removed from all that is my daily life. He’s become like a drug for me - a fix into a surreality.

Soon I was lying there next to him, his cock in my mouth sucking him off. He started to make noise, encouraging me. I was more excited and even more determined to top my last performance. I used my hand with my mouth, my saliva as thick lube. I looked up to see his face, complete and utter bliss and I felt the transfer of energy - the bliss.

He asked me if I was ready for him to come. I asked him if he was ready to come. Of course I was ready. I wanted to taste him in my mouth all day long.

I pushed my mouth down deep onto his cock, into my throat, and felt him pulse as he came in my mouth. I remembered from the last time that he likes it when I continue to suck and stroke with my mouth as he comes. He came, and he kept coming and kept coming. I sucked him completely dry and then hard again...

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