24 January, 2008

A Male’s View of Hair Down There

If you ask a man what he looks for when he meets a vagina, besides a great sense of humor of course, he will probably suggest many of the same delusional qualities he wants in his total fantasy female package. Easy on the eye, morning, noon, and night; perfumed to perfection; tantalizing to the taste buds; demure blushing rose bud one day; insatiable quivering tigress purring, “Sic ‘em Rex” the next.

Now before you give up on us and go surfing for a re-enforced steel chastity belt on e-Bay, consider the positive. In the real world, we’re just so excited about meeting a new vagina; her physical attributes play second fiddle to her physical presence.

The wonderful truth is, we enjoy that every woman is unique and that we never know what we’ll get. You didn’t really think Forrest was gushing over just any box of chocolates did you? The assortment of innies and outties; bearded and bald; bitter and balmy; juicy, loosey, arid and airtight is part of what makes diving for hidden treasure so exciting. Each man has his personal favorite.

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