14 December, 2007

Sex Workshop for women

The chatter of wine-loose women spills from the cabana-covered backroom of an Old Town wine bar. Jennifer Gunsaullus—otherwise known as Dr. Jenn—and her sharp sidekick, Nicole Scott, set up shop, stacking a small, rounded coffee table with sleek-looking dildos and vibrators, cleverly packaged condoms, sex books, erotic DVDs and tube after tube of lubrication and body oil.

The crowd for tonight’s Sexy Women & Wine workshop is diverse. A young lady with black nails and a Bettie Page sensibility—who, later, during the icebreaker question of “If your vagina could get dressed, what would it wear?” answered with a shy but sure, “Black lace”—sits between a 69-year-old eccentric in a fuzzy pink hat (her answer to the same question: “Hot pink”) and a mother with her 13-year-old daughter. The visibly uncomfortable young girl sits slumped over, hands dug deep into the pockets of a black hoodie, her dirty Cons crossing and uncrossing nervously in front of her.

“What is that?” asks one lady near the back of the room, pointing toward an object that could be some kind of fine-art plastic sculpture. “It looks like a bottle opener.”

Dr. Jenn laughs a meaty laugh that should be bottled—it’s that good and contagious—and scoops the thing up and starts making plunging motions in the air.

“Oh yeah, that one’s great,” she says, “I just found out what it was. I was reading about it last night. It makes me wish I had a man so I could use it.”

The Aneros MGX, as it’s called, is actually an anal device painstakingly researched and designed to tickle both the male’s prostate, known in hipper circles as “the P-spot,” and perineum, known in those same circles as the “taint” or “choad.” It’s just one of the many products Dr. Jenn and Nicole sell at their sex workshops, a progressive and evolved new take on the Tupperware parties of the past.

“I’m in education,” Dr. Jenn makes sure to tell me before the workshop officially begins, “so it’s really about sexual education and female sexual empowerment. The products are just the pathway.” read more>>


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