28 November, 2007

Men We Can't Say No To

The Bad Boy - Nicole Beland

Here's my secret: I have a Tobey Maguire- Keith Richards complex. Most women do. In a nutshell: Good guys are boring and bad boys aren't worth the trouble. My boyfriend John falls somewhere in the middle, and that's why he's hotter than any guy I've ever met.

Back when John was just my guitar teacher, he kept his strong opinions and sexual energy under wraps. All I saw was his patient, nurturing side.

He absorbed my nervousness and embarrassment like a sponge, and gave back gentle encouragement and soft-spoken instructions. He was obviously hot and talented, but his Tobey demeanor had me convinced that he was a shy loner. Not ideal, but enough to make me call him one day last August and ask him out for a beer.

The Quiet Guy - Susan Dominus

Some people find a quiet man unsettling; I find it a pleasurable challenge.

The night I met him at a party, I wasn't sure what to make of the man who would become my husband. I noticed the bleached hair and the earring, which contrasted with a certain relaxed way he had of hanging back--it made me want to lean in close, to see what subterranean tremors and vibes I could discern and interpret. We were both runners, it turned out. When I left the party, I'd decided I wasn't interested. But I can think of no other reason than lingering thoughts of him to explain why, the next day--a muggy freak of a scorcher in early May--I chose to go running in the park. I was only half aware that I was thinking about him when I actually noticed him coming toward me in the distance, a tiny pinprick of a daydream, first small, then emerging larger and larger, as if I'd summoned him from the shimmering asphalt.

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