16 November, 2007

Casual sex: A no strings guide

Friends-with-benefits, one-night stands, booty call buddies and holiday flings. Pursuing sex-sans-commitment is no longer the taboo it was in our mothers' days. And as long as it's done safely (emotionally and physically) and with decorum, it's pretty empowering too.

Some of us are too busy for a relationship, some are getting over broken hearts and some are simply in need of a good old dose of lust. But whether it's someone you already know or a random man you've just met, to get the best out of meaningless but oh-so-hot sex, you've got to be acquainted with ground rules. So, here we are at handbag.com, ready to offer you the protocol of no-strings action...

The dos

Don't worry about coming first. The great thing about casual sex is it's selfish sex. So if you finish first and there's no time for him? Ah well.

Do set out terms early on. If you're hooking up with an ex or friend, make sure nobody wants to get back together or get serious. Emotional attachment and casual sex don't mix.

Do enjoy yourself. Total carnal pleasure is the whole point of commitment-free sex. So, as the song goes, 'put your back into it' and ditch your body hang-ups.

Do go back to yours instead of his. Big deal if your flatmate gives you evils in the morning for all that headboard banging. At least you were safe in your own home. And there's the comfort of having all your skincare and beauty products to hand. If you insist on staying at his, text a friend to tell them of your whereabouts. Read on >>

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