25 November, 2007

5 tips to being a sexy ‘cougar’

Why older women with younger guys should feel empowered — not judged

Just for fun, start paying attention to some of the women who are your neighbors, co-workers or friends. You are going to realize that the real cougar is someone you’ve always known. Maybe the real cougar is you. But in case you’re not quite there yet, here are five things you should consider in order to wake up that sexy cat inside of you.

* Age is just a number. That’s the most important thing. These women are redefining what aging looks like. Because they eat well, exercise and do everything necessary to maintain a healthy balance in their life, 40, 50 or 60 never looked so good.
* Attract what you want by being what you want. They know that like attracts like, so these women possess the qualities they are looking for in others. That’s the core of being a real cougar — creating your own reality.
* Embrace happiness. With all the stress and pressure in today’s world, what real cougars understand is that happiness is a choice and the choice is always theirs.
* Don’t be guided by fear. Even when a situation seems daunting or unfamiliar, they take a deep breath, make a plan and move ahead. Nothing is worse for a real cougar than feeling stuck. They know that to get what they want they have to take calculated risks. But, needless to say, real cougars will do everything they can to put the odds in their favor.
* Don’t hand over your sexuality or sensuality with your 40th or 50th birthday. Real cougars know that sex keeps getting better as they get older. Sure, as hormone levels change, they might need a little boost, but so what? It’s a myth that after 50 a woman has to trade her black lace lingerie for granny panties. A real cougar is comfortable in her own body and it’s this confidence that allows them to explore all areas of their sexuality. Real cougars make love with the lights on.

So, here’s the bottom line. Achieving the rank of “real cougar” is a privilege, not an embarrassment. Don’t ever let age stop you from getting everything you want. You deserve it all. MSNBC

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