24 October, 2007

The Nea

The Lelo Nea is no everyday alternative to the usual devices offered for personal pleasuring.
For starters, it looks very appealing - almost disguising it's intended purpose. With benign
curves and pleasing colours that would be quite at home next to your mobile, I've even
played naughty guessing games with friends as to exactly what this innocent looking device
truly is!

Design and comfort have been supremely well considered by designer Jesper Kouthhoofd,
who - and I quote - has gone about intepreting the "romanticised aesthetics of an
archetypal sweet heart tattoo" in the Lelo's contours.
But, how does it perform? Beautifully - in fact - it may just change any negative ideas
you've ever had about such things. The Lelo works a charm. Shall we say, exquisite delight
in a very neat package.

A 2 hour charge lasts for good 7 hours. LED buttons allow easy speed selection. The wrapping is
discreet and luxurious looking. This one is definitely on my short list of favourites now.

Black Label

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