15 October, 2007

Ladies, the J-guys have spoken: One night stands are out, facials are in

Love may conquer all, but sometimes there are things you simply can't turn a blind eye to. Spa! (10/9) finds out from 200 Japanese guys just what they will and won't permit from their female partners.

Over 70 percent could accept the idea of their girlfriends or wives having had up to five sex partners before them.

"I'd rather have had more partners, but I can handle it if she's had four or five guys before me," a 32-year-old self-employed man tells Spa! "If a woman has had dozens of sex partners she knows everything there is to know and there's nothing there for me to teach her."

Fewer doesn't necessarily mean better, though.

"If she's only ever had one partner, I'd get the impression that she was involved in a really deep long-term relationship and that's a bit scary," a 27-year-old man says. "I'd rather she'd been with a few guys and knew her way around a bit."

Finding out that a woman had cheated on them had surprising results. If the other man was someone they didn't know, 32 percent would still end the relationship immediately, but an almost equal 26 percent were prepared to look the other way and keep on going. Yet, if the illicit relationship took place with a boss, 74 percent would split instantly, while a friend would see 83 percent call it quits on the spot.

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