22 September, 2007

Naked Volunteers Needed

Hundreds of people will bare it all in South Beach on Oct. 8. Spencer Tunick, a photographer and artist of the human form, is looking for 600 to 800 people to be part of his upcoming art installation at South Beach's Sagamore Hotel that will be unveiled during Miami Beach's annual Art Basel festivities in December.

Tunick has previously photographed 18,000 naked people in Mexico City, and 7,000 people in Barcelona. The artist is looking for a range of types -- not just South Beach's famously trim models and six-pack gym bodies.

Already people are trying to take advantage of Tunick's call for nude people. There have been reports of ads on Craigslist for the installation, offering $500 and asking people to e-mail full nude pictures as a prerequisite, to a Yahoo e-mail address. Tunick said the ads are fake and suggest not responding to them, but only using the official registration site to sign up.
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