29 September, 2007

Letter To A Lover

I can feel the way I do when I can smell your scent and lie in anticipation waiting for a chance to press my lips to the warmth of your skin. I think of all the times and ways you’ve possessed me before but each time gives way to a biting sense of newness and a thrill I can contain only under the guise of a smile. If you could live in my space and feel what I do when you’re under my skin, you would feel the pounding of unheard sounds and the sensation of touches yet to be given.

I become lost and have to remember my body is in the world and not just in my mind; I’m taken out of myself and have to concentrate hard to get back in.

I sigh just for the sound of it and for want of a companion in my waiting. My own breath is my friend while I lie in wait for you.

My body moves in an unhurried movement and my hands seem ripe for investigation; the half light makes them seem unreal and not my own. I try to see myself as the creature you see when you look down upon me, my eyes too large and my mouth too small. I drag my nails down my thighs in punishment for not loving myself as much as I should in the instant I thought of this. If only every moment I spent I could feel what you feel when your eyes meet mine.

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