06 December, 2010

Need help dumping someone?

The Christmas season isn't only the time for giving, but it's also the time to get out of a relationship. According to a recent study of Facebook status updates, researchers found that many couple break up right before Dec. 25. So if you're one of those people who are thinking of calling it quits with your significant other but don't have the stomach for breaking hearts? Bradley Laborman is the man for the job.

As founder and head dumper for iDump4u.com, Bradley has pinch-ended over 200 relationships since September 2009 with his pay-per-call service. Most of the videos end up posted (and anonymized) for your viewing/cringing pleasure on his site.

For a mere $10, he can get rid of your significant other so you don't have to. What started as a joke on a radio show has now turned into a bona fide business for this Iowa native and recent Big Apple transplant. He's even got a book in the works about what works and what doesn't in a relationship, which seems to cannibalize his service a little, if you ask me.

1 comment:

Random Screw said...

LOL - Wow. So much about this service is morally wrong I'm not sure what to say...so laughing is the next best option. You must either really hate the person you are dumping or really be afraid of confrontations. =P

PS - Thanks for the link! (You Rule!)