17 May, 2010

Making sex fun

One of the best parts about sex – besides the obvious, of course – is how much fun it can be. Sure, intense and romantic sex is great too, but there is something really stimulating about being able to laugh while you’re getting down and dirty. Sex can be so good for you, and laughter can be too. So, the combination is downright irresistible.

Making sex fun is all about your mindset. The only expectation should be enjoying yourself and your partner. No dramatic, sweeping music, rose petals strewn on beds, or velvet curtains required here. Just set aside your day and relax. And if things get silly, well then, let them get silly. Giggling has never been known to ruin an orgasm.

If you’re not sure how to ramp up the fun in your after-hours play, why not introduce games into the mix? There are a zillion out there to suit nearly every taste. Here are a few ideas.

1. Group games. Don’t panic. I’m not talking about group sex. I’m talking about games you can play with close, open-minded friends that will send everyone home in the mood. Like Sexy Slang. It’s a naughty Pictionary-style game that gets you acting out all sorts of sexual expressions from the tame to the insane!

2. Go ahead, ask. The adorably packaged Bachelorette Box of Questions can be really fun in a group or just with two. I don’t see any reason bachelorettes should get to have all the fun. So invite the guys and the couples too. It’s 52 questions that will get everyone talking now and doing anything but later…read on >>

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