05 May, 2010

Cat Love

When it comes to a faithful companion, most females prefer to have a puss on the pillow. Barbara Ellen finds out why.

It has always amazed me how acceptable it is to mock and despise the many single women who just happen to prefer cats as pets.

We all know the stereotype the sad, overlooked, dried-up desperado trawling lonely as a cloud around the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon.

Supposedly, to look into the female singleton's trolley is to gaze upon human despair in its purest form. The meals-for-one, the glossy magazines shrieking their self-help messages so loudly people three aisles away can hear, those furtive bars of high-quality chocolate brought as a substitute for the low-quality sex they were having before they decided enough was enough.

All these items could be exhibited as evidence in the socio-emotional kangaroo courts that even today persist in judging the solitary female as worthless and hopeless simply because she is mate-less. Read more >>


Anonymous said...

thank you for your blog.
one thing only : "Cats enhance sensuality."
I agree ;-)


badgirl33 said...

since I got a cat myself I fully agree :) thanks for your comment Angelika