21 April, 2010

Belle's Guide to women

Now for some dating gobsmackers: screw the generalisations. I've compiled a short list of horrors from female friends who are actually there at the coal face of dating (plus dropped in a few memorable episodes of my own). Men, just don't do this:

1. Claim to be 30, only to turn up to meet your date sporting fully grey cornrows.

2. Chat with your mum on the phone throughout the date. If it's to do with something serious (she's dying in hospital), cancel the date, fool.

3. Set the meeting place at a pub without disclosing beforehand that you don't drink.

4. Invite a girl you just met to your dead sister's memorial service...

5. ...which your date's ex is also planning to attend.

6. Take your date unexpectedly to a swinger's club, and when she baulks, suggest picking up a hooker on the way home instead. Read more >>

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