17 April, 2010

10 sex acts you may not know

# Dog In A Bathtub: While doin’ a lady, you put your ball sack in her poop shoot. Yep, that’s about as hard as it is to keep a dog in a bath tub.

# Alexander Graham Bell: This takes three people; at least one must have a penis. So, while blowing the dude, the blower talks into the head. Then, participant #3 tries to listen to what they’re saying by pressing an ear up to their balls like it’s schlong phone. It’s telefornication!

# 72: Simple mathematics—a 69 plus three fingers in the booty hole. You pick the lucky winner!

# The Ice Cream Stand: She does a headstand. You put ice cream in her crotch and eat it out.

# The Abe Lincoln (AKA The Monkey Or The Werewolf): Shave each other’s hot spots. Then, do it. When he’s about to blow, he pulls out and squirts on your face then tosses on the shavings. Viola! Now, you look like you could be president, or a mythical man-beast, or something that belongs in a cage.

# 40 And Plum: This is when you take a chick 40 miles out of town and plum off the road to sex up.

# Ambushed Paddington: Named for the bear, it simply means when you’re about to finish, you pull out and do it all over the face of the teddy bear on her bed.

# Backseat Bullride (Or The Rodeo): While having sex with a girl doggy-style, reach around with your right arm and grab her left boobie. Then, whisper in her ear, “Your sister likes it like this,” and try to hold on for 10 seconds.

# Wheel Of Fortune: Have a girl sit in a chair that spins and stick out her tongue. Then, place your D or V at the precise level of her tongue. Spin the chair as fast as you can.

# Eiffel Tower: A threesome with at least two dudes. While the third is down on all fours, s/he is giving one guy a blowjob while the other is penetrating him/her. Then, the two dudes on either side high-five, forming a structure akin to the Parisian monument. [source: Frisky]

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