11 March, 2010

Afternoon Delight

My fingers dipping slowly inside my silk underwear I can feel my slickness coating my fingers as I push one inside my slit.

Mmmmm, I slide further down on my chair and spread my legs further apart. My jeans feel so restrictive but I don't think I can risk taking them off. Not where I'm sitting, anyone could see me in the window. Do I dare?

I giggle as I stand quickly and wriggle out of my tight jeans, letting them pool onto the floor as I sit back down and pull my jumper down further.

I lift one leg out of the jeans and spread my legs under the desk, still giggling as I think of what would happen if someone saw me.

Mmmm, much better, I sigh as I stroke myself through the softness of my silk knickers. I can feel the moisture soaking through and I know they are ruined but I don't really care.

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