06 February, 2010

Moments of Clarity

I can’t help it, even simply sitting near my lover my mind wanders to things it would much rather be doing.

Flashes of: hands grabbing and grappling, mouths, hot, searching, tongues wrestling as clothes rapidly disappear.

I want so badly to dig my nails into your flesh, hear you gasp and moan into my mouth as they leave little red lines to blossom across your back.

I long to feel your hand tangle in my hair as you pull my head backwards, I mewl softly as my neck arches, exposed to you. I am vulnerable and aching as I lie in the embrace of your body. You know every part of me, I have given you everything I personally posses. Money can’t buy what I have given you freely in love. I need to feel your mouth on mine, hot, hungry, taking, dominant and possessive; I can taste power in our kiss.

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