04 January, 2010

The Six Types of Cheaters

1. The Hunter Cheater

They are looking for the weak, needy or another sex addict for a quick hit. They tend to have pickup lines or a clear modus operandi to capture their prey. The hunter is rarely looking for an equal, because an equal could hurt them. This could be a doctor or lawyer whose prey is the secretary, waitress or woman at a bar. They tend to be the smart, successful, smooth-talking guy who exudes a certain sexual or narcissistic energy. It’s all about them and their needs. The stench of entitlement is also present in the hunter’s heart.

Whoa – can we have Tiger for $2,000, Alex? Dr. Weiss says Tiger clearly fits the hunter pattern, seeking a very specific prototype of woman who is young, beautiful, thin, in-shape and willing.

“These were not multimillionaire women, not big sports stars, not actresses,” Dr. Weiss says of the women Tiger allegedly targeted. “None of these women had power; they were not threats.”

2. The Hero/Nice Guy Cheater

This is the person who “wants to help.” They want to rescue the maiden in distress, so to speak. This person wants to be a friend to their victim, talk about the victim’s life, marriage, kids or job. The hero/nice guy’s adulterous heart is quick to praise, quick to appreciate and quick to pick up on cues as to whether you are starting to trust them. They get excited when the victim trusts them, because they are close to the kill. Even after sex, they want to be seen by the victim and themselves as a nice person.

“Heroes want a woman to tell them, ‘You’re wonderful,’” explains Dr. Weiss. Read more >>

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