14 January, 2010

10 Men Not To Date In 2010

10) The Daredevil
Why: Because I bleed enough each month for both of us, adrenaline-head. And I'm over men with a need to go 90. On their motorcycles. In freezing rain. Or take on the double black diamond when they've never actually strapped on skis before. My days of scraping men up off the sidewalk are over. In 2010, there will be no more games of playing nurse to his knucklehead. "Hey, watch this!" doesn't have to end with a trip to the emergency room. Wear a helmet.

9) Summer of '69
Why: Because it doesn't matter that you can run a six-minute mile if you remember Vietnam. Studies have shown that children of fathers 40 and older are at higher risk for autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and cancer. Wait, there's more. Despite what your Summer of '69 may claim, studies have shown that male fertility diminishes with age. Oh, joy! While we ladies may experience occasional bouts of bitterness about our biological tickers, at least we can rest assured that we aren't the only ones winding down.

8) The Drummer
Why: Because dating should not be a group effort. Let's face it: Falling for the drummer means you've got to love the singer, bassist, guitarist, roadies and psycho fans, too. I'm sure that true, lasting love can exist between a woman and a drummer, but being "with the band" can turn into one hella wicked abomination. I'd rather roll solo and leave him to play with his sticks. Read more >>

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