24 November, 2009

I Do As I'm Told

No words are spoken as you take my hand and pull me into the hotel room.

Left standing there watching you

You look at me with those dark eyes... seeming to study me

I just look at you... somehow knowing that you don't want me to say anything just now

You set some things down and sit down in the wing back leather chair that's there by the window

"Take your clothes off"

My body reacts immediately... my eyes opening wide... a shiver rushes through my body

Slowly I tremble to start unbuttoning my blouse as I look down and then look up at you

You... sat there... arms on the arms of the chair... one bent up resting on your chin... rubbing once in awhile... like an artist admires their art

I let my blouse drop to the ground and I bend to pick it up...

"Leave it there" you say

I just look at you... trembling... nervous... thrilled... excited...

I continue by undoing my jeans

Your eyes on me so intently

I get the zipper down...

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