31 October, 2009

Halloween Party

I pushed against him and felt the hard spot again where
his manhood signified how turned on he was. We started
making out, him pressing me against the wall, me
rubbing my crotch against him in a back and forth
motion. His tongue pressed inside my mouth, and I felt
his "fangs" with my tongue. He let go of my wrists and
started to feel my body, moving his hands over my
breasts, then down to my hips and waist, then behind me
to my ass. He grabbed each cheek and almost lifted me
up into him.

I let go of our kiss to give him a naughty look, and he
asked me if I wanted to go upstairs...

Why the hell not, I thought to myself, so I took his
hand as he led me around the spiral staircase up to the

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