30 October, 2009

Different flavors

Strawberry, natural, organic, cinnamon, tingling, warming . . . . these are just a few of the many flavors and types of personal lubricants on the market today. Some are silicone based, some water based. Some are for her, and some for him.

Even if you or your spouse do not need help with lubrication, the tingling or warming sensation or a scent may add some excitement to your sex life, but finding good products that do not dry out or cause irritations can be cumbersome. We have found that most of them dry out very quickly, and even the waterbased products sometimes cause irritations. Our absolute favorite is Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide.

It is also very frustrating to spend so much money trying all the different brands, and a lot of times, the products offered at the drug stores are not the best. We have found the most luck with items offered at adult toy stores or online stores. Last year at Swingfest, Wet representatives gave out samples of all of their products, but don’t worry if you were not at SwingFest, you can still get a free sample at their web site if you fill out a short survey. [source]

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