28 September, 2009

The Passion Cycle

It seems like a "no-brainer" that more orgasms and more intense orgasms will satisfy more. However, the "I'm done!" feeling after orgasm delivers a powerful subconscious signal to the limbic brain, which can create restlessness down the road. Is it time to rethink our lovemaking strategy?

Both sensual Romans and sex-positive ancient Chinese Daoists recognized that sexual satiety shifts perception. Over two thousand years ago, Ovid, the elegantly earthy poet, wrote that the "cure for love" is to satiate oneself with orgasm. Want to stay in love? The earlier Chinese Classic of Su Nu states, "If one engages in sex without emission...exercising self-control and calming the passion, love actually increases." Could couples improve the harmony in their relationships, by learning to use sex as a bonding behavior while tiptoeing around sexual satiety when possible? Read on >>

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