09 September, 2009


Sitting on the bed I watched him sleep. He always looked so peaceful when he slept; his eyelashes lay like dark smudges against his cheeks, and his chest lifted with the intake of each breath. I sat like this and watched for what seemed like an age. Softly and ever so gently I began to pull the duvet down off his body; I didn’t want to wake him up. It was a surprise. The cover made an almost silent hissing sound as it slid completely off the bed. I looked at him lying there on his back his nakedness made me smile and remember last night. Lightly running my hands over his thighs caused him to shiver slightly in his sleep, leaning over him I carefully trail my nails down over his skin my index finger runs gently down onto the silky skin of his penis and I feel it begin to stir and still he sleeps on.

Gripping his shaft gently in my hand I begin to work it up and down, the feel of his silky skin beginning to harden beneath my touch was enough to cause wetness in my knickers.

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