22 September, 2009

Back Home Tonight

We've been staying as guests in the houses of friends and relatives and even before that, when we had an isolated mountainside cottage all to ourselves, we didn't make as much use of the solitude as we might have done. There was so much to do and see, so much planned for the next day, that often a good night's sleep seemed the best option.

But tonight, in the comfort and security of our own bed, we are going to put all that right and with several days worth of pent-up juices aching for release I can promise you one thing: It's going to be messy.

Sure, I am longing to feel the grip of your firm, moist flesh on my hardness, to devour your lips as I pummel myself deep into you, to hear your short gasping breaths and cry of climax as your stiff clit succumbs to my fingertips...

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