03 August, 2009

Toys for boys

You may have to fight your boyfriend for that Pocket Rocket now that more and more studies are praising sex toys’ gender-neutral benefits. A new study featured in this month’s issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals that vibrators can greatly improve sexual health. Vibrators have been one method frequently recommended by clinicians treating female patients for sexual dysfunction, but now the same advice is being applied to male patients.

In 2008, data were collected from over 1,000 American men ages 18-60 and found that men engaging in masturbation and partnered sexual activities who had integrated a vibrator into sexual activities during their lives was 44.8%, with 10% having done so in the past month, 14.2% in the past year, and 20.5% more than a year. The really interesting finding? The study showed that males who were currently using vibrators scored higher on four out of five categories of the International Index of Erectile Function, which includes orgasmic function, sexual satisfaction, erectile function and sexual desires. Study results also indicate a significant increase of health-conscious activities in men and women who use vibrators. Men who used vibrators were also more likely to engage in health-conscious behavior (like testicular self-exams). So, ladies—don’t be stingy with Mr. Buzzy. Share the battery-operated love. Share the health. [source]

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Jack said...

Interesting, I wonder how the vibes are being used. They only feel good to me when on my balls, base of my cock, or ass and even then they aren't as stimulating as other toys.