29 August, 2009

Oral sex....licked

Men's Health has asked sex educator Lou Paget to suggest innovative positions for oral sex

The classic legs closed
* How it's done: Your partner lies on her back, but keeps her legs together instead of spread.
Advantage: This is a good basic position, especially for women who are shy or nervous about oral sex.
Secret to success: Try long, gentle strokes along the inside of her thighs, from her knees to her pubic hair. This will help stimulate sensation in other areas and get her juices flowing well before you approach her 'action spots'.

Straight on, variation one
* How it's done: Your partner lies on her back with her legs over your shoulders.You on your stomach with your face between her legs. Put a pillow under her hips and beneath your chest to reduce the stress on your neck.
Advantage: This position is ideal for women who prefer a strong, upward stroking motion with the more textured top surface of your tongue.
Secret to success: Try using your hands to push gently upward on her abdomen, stretching her skin away from her pubic bone. This stretching action often heightens the sensation created by your tongue strokes.

Straight on, variation two
* How it's done: Starting from the same position as in variation 1, have your partner pull one leg upward, so that her thigh rests on or alongside her chest. Use your arm to hold it in position when she starts squirming.
Advantage: In this variation, her vagina will be much more open, facing upward, so your face is in more of a downward position - which should be easier on your neck. This open position is great for women who enjoy very strong, very direct clitoral stimulation.
Secret to success: With gravity in your favour, you'll find that saliva builds in your mouth. Use it. Things can get uncomfortable for her if your tongue starts to dry out.

Loving the prize
* How it's done: With your partner on her back, position yourself so that you're lying over her at an angle. Your chest will be resting against her abdomen with your head facing the foot of the bed (your face will be nose-down in her genitalia).
Use one arm to reach around her thigh, and gently part her labia from beneath.
Advantage: In this position you can totally relax the muscles of your neck while you plan your next move. It also allows for more body contact, which may help her feel connected.
Secret to success: Your best stroke will be to use your tongue in a downward direction, tastebud-side up, over her clitoral hood. Women who are more sensitive may prefer this downward stroke. Alternate this with a light upward stroke using the smoother underside of your tongue. Read more >>

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