10 August, 2009

Female orgasm tips, for men

Sure, the female orgasm is among the most fickle of human behaviors. But by the end of a semester, most guys and girls have learned enough to study it in the wild. You can, too, because I've boiled down a semester's worth of learning into 10 simple starter tips. So sit down, listen up, and whip out your pencil. Class is in session.

Take Her Off the Clock

Just as you're concerned about lasting longer, many women are so self-conscious about taking too long that they end up faking orgasm or deciding to go without. The solution? Stop obsessing over orgasms—yours and hers. A recent brain-imaging study by Swedish researchers shows that relaxation is the single most important factor in bringing a woman to orgasm.

So tell her she has all night. The better you convey not just tolerance for a lengthy buildup, but also appreciation of her sexual pleasure—orgasm or not—the easier it will be for her to unwind and explode. Oh, and studies show that it takes 15 to 40 minutes for the average woman to reach orgasm. Going somewhere? >>

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