04 August, 2009

Can You Get Off While Going Down on a Guy? Yes!

Susan Crain Bakos is a research sexologist, sex journalist and author. Here, she tells us how to have an orgasm while giving a guy oral sex -- a tip from her book "The New Tantra."

If you're in a relationship, you probably have quid pro quo sex: You arouse him with some oral sex, he returns so you can orgasm, you shift to intercourse for his peak and finish with The Cuddle for your benefit.

Give your sex life a jolt with fellatio that will rock both of your worlds (really!). It's time modern women got down on our knees for something other than a yoga class -- to really worship his penis.

Worthy of Worship
Open veneration of the penis was practiced throughout history -- right up to the point where it was repressed in Christianity. We in the West erect more subtle monuments to the male organ, like the Washington Monument, but we all see the message: male power.

How do you practice phallus worship? Make love to his penis. Not him, his penis. Every man secretly wants to experience a woman in thrall to the power of his sexual organ.

Venerate Your Man
In that moment, he becomes his penis, because your passion is pure -- not dependent on his money or status or good looks. (Sometimes it's the best part of him, isn't it? I've had more than one intense personal relationship where I loved the penis -- but the man, not so much. I call it being dick-matized.)

But trust me: Make love to his penis alone and the man, its life support system, will love you for that. Read more >>

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