21 July, 2009

Make him beg for more

Can you REALLY pleasure your man in bed? Sure, he reaches his climax and all but do you think he considers you a SEX GODDESS?

It may not take a lot to ensure that your boyfriend/husband/lover reaches a climax but the ‘intensity’ of that peak is what we’re talking about here. So ladies, to stand out from all the rest listen up because you’ll now learn how to truly treat him to mind-blowing sex. The secret? Knowing his secret sex zones.

That’s right, men - just like us women - have certain pleasure buttons too and if you know where they are and, more importantly, HOW to stimulate them then you’ll soon make him scream in bed.

So in the interest of ’science’, I and couple more female friends, took it upon ourselves to experiment so that we can give you the low-down on male sex zones.
HIS Hot Zone # 1: Cremaster 101

You may be thinking we made up this name but seriously, there IS such a word as cremaster and it’s a muscle that covers the male testicles. This wonder muscle works pretty much like a bungee cord or rope and it pulls the testicles up (when they’re exposed to cold) and down (when they’re exposed to warmth). You can thus say that the purpose of cremaster is to ensure that the testicles are protected by regulating temperature.

How to master the cremaster: When your partner is just about to come, his testicles retreat. Think of it as a spring coiling tight before the big deployment! It’s of course the cremaster that’s making this ‘coiling’ possible. In contrast, lightly pulling down on his family jewels while making love helps delay ejaculation, thus extending pleasure. So, if you want him to be delirious without pleasure for a long time, make sure you are delaying the effects of the cremaster!

For instance, as you perform fellatio, make sure that you are gently pulling or tugging at his balls. Your tongue action on his member will make him want to explode, but your pulling action is preventing the cremaster from tightening and pulling the testicles up to the point that he reaches a climax. It’s sort of like finding the secret to lasting all night!

As you try the tip above, be sure that you’re not tugging too hard. Remember you want to delay his climax while providing pleasure. You want a deep moan out of him, not a shout of pain. Read on >>

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