08 July, 2009

Letter for my lover

You’ll carry me from against the wall and lay me gently on the dining table. You’ll take my legs in to your hands and place them over your shoulders, pulling my hips to the very edge. Whilst holding on to my waist with one hand, you’ll start fucking me hard once again. With your free hand you’ll start rubbing my clit. My moans will start getting louder and louder. I’ll beg you to fuck me harder, begging you not to stop.

You’ll feel my body start to shake, my breathing getting heavier, moans getting louder. Your fingers will start rubbing my clit faster, the same speed your fucking me. You can sense it in the tone of my moans that you’re sending me over the edge. My whole body will shudder, my pussy clenching your cock. Your groans will get louder too, your cock will throb deep inside me as you shoot your heavy load.

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