02 July, 2009


We didn't make it beyond the entrance hall. His free hand wrapped round my waist and his hooked finger came free. I found myself against the wall, his body weight over mine, pushing me into the very wallpaper. Fucking hell, I thought. He had me, in what I thought to be a bear hug, against the wall and his hands worked the zip. Dazed, I didn't realize what he did until my skirt and panties hit the floor. Looking up, I didn't have a chance to search his face or eyes for a sense of his plans, his mouth swallowed my lips. Swept up in his rough tide, with his palm and fingers roughly stroking my vulva before he pulled down my pants and dipped his fingers in me. I joined his rhythm and found my niche, squirming with unexpected pleasures. I relaxed. I kept on telling myself it would be all right, for him to stop, pinch my cheeks and tilt my head up.

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