25 May, 2009

Sexy Skills

I took down my jeans to reveal my black, lace, matching panties, or rather, boyshorts. I began to undress him. Untucking his shirt, unbuttonign his jeans, removing them while allowing my fingertips to stroke his skin. His dick was hard and ready, and so was I. Just before going to kneel, he pulls out my pink handcuffs from the side of the couch cushion.

“Oh, are we going to play,” I asked.

No verbal response, just him taking my hands and cuffing them behind my back. Tits now VERY much at attention with the added push of my restrained arms. He spread my legs and ran his hands and fingers up and down my thighs. The moisture that indicated my hotness was evident and seaping through the lacy fabric. He slapped my ass – then rubbed it – then slapped it again. It was totally and utterly divine attention – much needed…

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