12 May, 2009

Rethink Sex

You are a constant source of pulsating, vibrant sexual energy. According to Tantric belief, when you get high on the charged realization that you are a living, breathing power source, you become more sensitive to the energy inside and all around you.

It is then that you’re able to connect to the more enlightened parts of your being that make for a Tantric sex experience. Your next quest may have to be finding your supernatural self.

What?! No matter how skeptical you are (you may be wondering if any part of your being is in fact supernatural), keep an open mind. Regardless of whether we nurture it daily or even at all, every single one of us has a spiritual, cosmically-connected side that is aching to show us a good time and what it means to be sexually alive beyond our wildest, earthly expectations.

It’s simply a matter of unveiling this energy and knowing how to rocket-launch it once you’ve found it. And your motivation to do so can’t get any better than this: When you and your lover reach this awesome, spiritual state together, the results are going to be more sexually spectacular than you’ve ever known. Read more >>

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