29 May, 2009

Guide to sexual fantasies

The rule about fantasies is that there are no rules. This is the one sexual arena where you can allow yourself complete freedom. Fantasising is, after all, about exploring your kinkiest thoughts, so don't hold back through fear that you're some kind of pervert. We all have filthy thoughts. Enjoy them!

You can do your fantasising anywhere, although lying down and feeling yourself while you fantasise is more satisfying than trying it at the kitchen sink. But what should you be fantasising about? Here are some tips and tricks you might want to go for...

Any man other than your partner
The bloke at the dry cleaners, your boss, your bank manager, the bus conductor... the beauty of fantasies is that anyone you fancy can walk in and out of them (and do plenty of other things too!).

Imagine that one day, you're at the dry cleaners/office/bank/bus stop late when (surprise, surprise) the bloke you're going to fantasise about comes along. You get talking. It's obvious he's interested. You make a pass at him (something you might not have the guts to do in real life). Before you know it you're spreadeagled on the counter/desk/floor of the bus with him on top of you. Or take things slower than that. The pace and details are up to you.

Men in uniform
There's something so irresistible about a man in uniform, and the good thing is that in your fantasy world, you don't need to resist! Have sex with a policeman/fireman/doctor/soldier, whichever you fancy. Read more >>

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