05 May, 2009

Does size matter?

What did the elephant say to the naked man?

“How do you breathe through something so small?”

Despite the fact the elephant was a little confused, most women agree the size of a man’s “trunk” is important.

Over half of women polled in Sun Media’s Great Canadian Female Sex Survey said size does matter.

The Sun Media-Leger Marketing survey polled 1,003 Canadian women above the age of 18, and 41% of those women said size matters a little and 13% said size matters a lot.

Women who were dating, under the age of 45 and living in Quebec were more likely to pull out their measuring tape, so to speak.

Sue Johanson, the grandmother of sexual education in Canada, said it is normal for women to feel this way. The former host of the Sunday Night Sex Show said, “They equate it with how sexy they are. They look at their partner when they have this humongous erection and they say, ‘oh wow I can really yank his crank.’”

But she said the size of a man’s engine doesn’t matter. Many women think the size will affect their orgasm, however, “Most women reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation,” Johanson said.

Sexologist Dr. Brian Parker agrees.

“Most of the pleasurable female nerve endings are within the first two inches of the vaginal canal,” the Edmonton resident who has his PhD and EdD (doctor of education) in Human Sexuality, said.

Canadian women, it seems, do have high expectations for their partners, because half of women said besides that figurative measuring tape, they do not keep any “tools” in their bedside table.

Most of the women who said they didn’t have any sexual paraphernalia were from Quebec, the Maritimes and to a lesser extent, Ontario. Read on >>


rocketman said...

I've always felt that size matters, despite the protestations by many women to the contrary.

I think many women just don't want to admit that size matters to them. My guess is that admitting it would make them appear to value the superficial.

As far as nerve endings and such, I think the main benefit to size is psychological - if a woman is more attracted to a penis because it's large, that's all that really matters.

badgirl33 said...

so right. Who ever said size doesn't matter must have been a guy with a tiny dick *grin*