14 April, 2009

When sex games go horribly wrong

Isn't it frustrating when your sex toy no longer meets your needs? One US couple thought so. Instead of taking the logical step of upgrading to the next, speedier model, they decided to attach a power tool to the toy. Needless to say, an ambulance was needed (both survived) and their story made headlines around the world.

Author Gina McKinnon knows a thing or two about sex games going wrong. She spent four months researching more than 1,000 stories involving overactive libidos, including an electrician from Redditch who was arrested for having sex with a pavement (erm, how?) to a young woman who thought Donald Duck was sending her love vibes via her neighbour's satellite dish. She admits: 'It was fun in the beginning but I soon started feeling a little bit mucky.'

One of her discoveries would even give our gormless US couple a run for their money. Polish housewife Joanna Kozlowska invented her own DIY sex toy with a hand-held electric food mixer; 'I imagine for the vibration,' says McKinnon. 'She then decided to use it in the bath and, obviously, electrocuted herself - then blamed it on her husband for not meeting her needs.' Quite. Read on >>

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