19 April, 2009

How to get the best orgasm

The way women orgasm could have important medical implications

We are all aware of the risks of high cholesterol, lack of exercise and stress. But surely there is one part of our lives that should be uncomplicated: the orgasm. Well, apparently not.

Recent evidence suggests that, for both men and women, how we get there has big implications for what it does for us.

For a man, the more wild and thrilling the sex, the closer it is to when he met his mate, the greater his chance of impregnating her. According to a recent Channel 4 documentary, men who are fully stimulated because they are enjoying “gourmet sex” will ejaculate up to 50 per cent more, and with sperm of a better quality. But the way that women orgasm also has important medical implications.

According to Stuart Brody, Professor of Psychology at the University of West Scotland, it is better to orgasm through coital intercourse than by any other route. His premise is that, in terms of evolutionary benefit, this type of orgasm should be favoured since it results in pregnancy.

Over the past five years he has published studies that provide startling evidence to support his idea. In papers, Brody has shown that women who orgasm coitally have lower blood pressure, more sensitive fingers, are slimmer and release four times more of the restorative hormone prolactin after climaxing. He even claims that observers can predict which women commonly orgasm from coital sex just by observing the vivacity of their walks.

When women are wired up to a machine that measures their physical arousal, those who usually orgasm from coitus seem more aware of their bodily state. If they become aroused physically when shown sexy films, they will be more likely to report this than women who usually climax clitorally - indicating that they are more self-aware. Read more>>

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