04 April, 2009

Guilt Free Vacation Sex!

And Why it is So Healthy.

We have all experienced the feeling of liberation from conventionality and societal norms when on vacation. This is true on vanilla vacations where you might have tried an adventure sport like skydiving or scuba diving that you might never have dared at home. Or even something as pedestrian as eating food which would never normally pass your lips- and not only enjoying it, but relishing it.

Ok, so imagine that freedom from the conventionality of inhibition, throw in a lack of clothing and then mix it with a healthy dose of sexual electricity and- poof! -you have the lifestyle resorts that many have come to know and love; and others dream of.

For many couples, resorts like Hedonism, Desire & Caliente Caribe, or specialty trips like lifestyle cruises and hotel takeovers, are their first foray into the “Lifestyle”. There is a very good reason for this: thrust into the open and erotic atmosphere of these venues and freed from conventionality, this is often the first time couples will let down their guards and inhibitions sufficiently enough to release long held repression and open themselves up to experiencing the truly sexual side of their minds and relationship.Guilt Free Vacation Sex!

For the uninitiated it is thrilling to discovering a whole new and exciting side of your relationship that is enhanced and strengthened. This often begins a more intimate journey into exploring your relationship and enjoying new adventures together.

So what makes it healthy? There are a number of things that we hear from our travelers which create an anecdotal picture of this experience. Read more >>

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