02 March, 2009


Unexpected yet inevitable. I expected a smoother transition, for my clothes to expertly stripped off my damp flesh. Instead, my heels were on as were my panties and yet, this was the most exciting part. In some way, I felt ravaged. His once crisp shirt clung to his torso, two puddles spread under his armpits, giving off a pungent masculine scent that added to the appeal of being fiercely fucked by a practical stranger...only known to me by a random introduction at a mutual party.
He turned me over, raised my dress and grabbed my hair, "Do you want to feel me in you now? How about this?"
And tears stung my eyes. He pinched my left ass cheek hard before smacking it. He penetrated hard, teeth grazing the back of my neck. His heat merging with mine.

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CB said...

Thank you for the link.

badgirl33 said...

my pleasure :)