23 March, 2009

Sexcells: Phone Erotica Contest

I’m absolutely into this contest because my phone could use some sexing up. (Well, actually I have an iPhone so it’s already pretty sexy). I like that anyone can enter the contest - if you enter, put a link to your entry in the comments below. You have until April 15th to submit.

In an age where vibrations announce flirtations in the form of text messages & conquests are captured with cell phone photos and video, 3rd Ward is challenging people to take it up a notch - a bed post notch!

This nationwide open call is a search for well-executed, erotic expressions made only with a cell phone. Videos, photos and texts will all be accepted. It’s time somebody showed sloppy celebrities and indiscreet politicians how it’s done. Redefine your phone.

$500 will be awarded for the most intriguing submission and all work will be curated into a group show with a huge opening reception! Select submissions will also be published in 3rd Ward’s quarterly publication. [source]

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