04 March, 2009

Random Acts of Sex

Sex is animalistic. It’s innate. It’s organic. It’s satisfying. But it can also be funny, overwhelming and downright bizarre. Below we highlight some of the peculiar, funny and quirky things that happen during sex.

Crying after Sex

And no, I don’t just mean her. Men are known to do the same thing. You’re both lying there, post-coital, in a silent, sex-scented room. Suddenly, the quiet is broken by heavy sobs and the pillow is moistened with tears. And they’re yours. So why, when you’re a ‘man’s man’ on a regular basis are you suddenly giving the neighbourhood Emo a run for his money? This phenomenon is simply due to the release of extremely heightened emotion that comes after an act of intimacy. It's normal, you’re normal and everything's fine.

Passing out

You’re stone cold sober. You’re not performing a re-enactment of Michael Hutchence’s final few hours. But you’ve passed out on top of your newest lady friend. While very rare, this does happen occasionally for some men. Known as Le Petit Mort (French for ‘little death’) this is a phenomenon of temporarily losing consciousness during love-making. The explanation for this is quite rational. During sex, your breath shortens and quickens. Without realising it, you can find yourself hyperventilating and eventually fainting. So next time you’re thrusting towards the dizzying heights of pleasure just be conscious (pun intended) if you start to feel light-headed. Read more >>

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libérez la fille vive said...

Haven't had a guy do these things yet, except MK broke into tears during sex right before deploying to war for 15 months. Emotions do run high during passion and sex.