21 March, 2009

The One-Hour Orgasm

It seems too good to be true: The promise of a “one-hour orgasm.”

In fact, it seems like a total hoax given that the medical model of sexual response can’t support it.

According to Leah and Bob Schwartz, authors of “The One-Hour Orgasm,” this orgasm is one with hundreds — if not thousands — of contractions that continue one after another after another. All you need to do is practice a type of oral sex called the Venus Butterfly technique that supposedly results in hundreds of contractions for both men and women.

But is it accurate to call this kind of response a climax?

After all, the words climax and orgasm are used synonymously, and a climax is defined as “the highest point.” This is how the medical model of sex regards orgasm. Once we’re sexually excited, muscular tension builds up to a peak that can be followed by a release. Read more >>

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