11 March, 2009

Kissing, cuddling and sex for a good marriage

Having sex three times a week and snuggling on the couch four times a day are among the keys to a perfect marriage, according to a U.K. survey released Wednesday.

Confetti.co.uk, a wedding planning website, asked 3,000 adults who were married for 10 years or longer what they believed to be the important components of a long-lived romantic relationship.

The respondents said, to pull off a long marriage, couples have to work to keep the romance in their relationships alive.

According to the survey, "work" in this world constituted of:

  • Having sex three times a week;
  • Kissing four times a day;
  • Cuddling thrice on a daily basis;
  • Sharing two hobbies, and;
  • Holding two romantic dinners a month.

"After the wedding hype is over, the study shows how important it is to keep the magic alive with kisses, cuddles and romantic nights out," said Carol Richardson, a spokesperson for Confetti, which held the poll to mark its 10th year in business.

The poll also figured that a couple should meet through friends and needs to date for three years and six months before tying the marital knot. Read more >>

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