30 March, 2009

Fine Lesbian Art

This collection of prints is regarded as one of the most authentic representations of lesbians, incorporating butch dykes and femme girls, and the many degrees of gender fluidity between.

“I’ve always insisted on shooting what I find sexy,” says, Christopher. “To me, a woman who is excited about her sexuality is always going to look hot.”

The series explores concepts from light-hearted erotic escapades to hardcore bondage, domination and sadomasochism – in places it is voyeuristic, intimate – but always honest.

Christopher continues, “A lot of my work in the 90’s explored lesbian fetishes. I liked cruising hands and was always sure I could determine what a girl might be like in the bedroom by her choice of footwear. I’m very influenced by gay male erotica, especially US photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe. Men have never spent a second denying their fetishes so why should women.”

Christopher’s passion for photography started out as a way to push creative limits and take a closer look at real lesbian sex. “There weren’t many representations of lesbians when I started out, so I started taking risqué photographs of my girlfriends. I started taking photos of them kissing. I love to watch women kiss. I will never tire of it.”

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