19 February, 2009

Why men don't want sex anymore

For decades women have used the excuse "Not tonight darling, I've got a headache" to fend off amorous partners.

But a new survey has revealed more and more MEN are finding excuses to shun sex.

The poll by independent charity the Men’s Health Forum found that 15 per cent of men aged between 18 and 59 admitted to a 'lack of interest in sex'.

And relationship counselling service Relate has reported a 40 PER CENT increase in the number of men saying they had gone off sex compared with ten years ago.

These men have no physical problems — they just do not want to have sex.

The findings tally with anecdotal reports from experts in the field who believe it is a growing trend.

According to research, the drop in male desire is a direct result of women’s changing role in society.

The modern woman, confident and comfortable with her own sexual needs and desires, is making men wilt. Literally.

And men are bombarded with such an overload of sexual images on the internet, cable TV and in lads’ mags that it may be leading them to prefer the ever-ready fantasy to the reality. Read more >>

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