12 February, 2009

Not enough

He is home.

I Cannot get enough and rise higher on my knees so that my body may express more articulately that which words can not. With my mounting frustration, he circles his arms and secures me to him while his tutored tongue conducts an in-depth exploration. Passion escalates in our fusion--restless hands slide, feel, and draw sustenance.

It is just not enough.

He calls upon control and severs our kiss, slowing the pace. He playfully stretches the elastic neckline of my peasant blouse and draws it off, one shoulder at a time, slowly bearing my breasts. Perky and tight, they stand for his pleasure. I regard him with admiration, my breath quickening, while he looks his fill in leisure.

Gentle fingertips brush the contour of my heavy orbs, silently, urging me to arch and offer. He tweaks one distended nipple. Then the second. Then he exhales a contented sigh and relaxes in his seat. I cannot bear the separation, the distance. I lean into him and press my face to his chest, caressing my cheek against the roughly textured shirt he wears while I listen to his life beat. It is not nearly enough.

My free hand blindly reaches for his belt but I am too anxious and fumble. With a small laugh, he relieves me of the responsibility. I grow breathless with expectation as I wait and watch while he extracts that which I burn to possess most at the moment--his cock. He works slowly deliberately, taking pleasure in taxing my hunger. Truth be known, it is a burden I care to never be relieved of.

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Bea Sempere said...

Love the picture and poem.

First time commenting... well, my other comment doesn't seem to be here, so I'll say this is my first. I'm enjoying this site.

Thanks for sharing.

badgirl33 said...

thanks for your nice comment Bea :)

libérez la fille vive said...

My husband comes back from war soon and reading this made me think of what our time will be like when he gets thru the door. I hope to write something romantic and sensual like this on my blog.

badgirl33 said...

let us know about it then :)