28 February, 2009

A guide to the new luxury sex toys

There has been a sharp growth in designer bedroom aids, but does a three-figure price tag and celebrity fans make owning one any less embarrassing?

At a recent coffee morning at the fashionable Brilliant Kids cafĂ© in North London, the maternity sex expert Rachel Foux passed around a couple of sex toys to the assembled young mothers. “Everyone was ooohing and aaahing and handing them around. We're not talking about mega dildos here. These toys are beautiful to look at and, since they're not phallic-shaped, none of the women could believe what they were,” she says.

The days of rubbery vibrators brought out with sniggers at hen nights are defiantly over. Kick-started by the phenomenal sales of the Rampant Rabbit, which shot to fame after featuring in Sex and the City, sex toys are out and proud. Now they come with a designer pedigree too and are just as likely to be given as gifts between girlfriends, couples and even as wedding presents - the new scented candle, if you like. Read more >>

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